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Jennifer Denen

Jennifer Denen

Jennifer Denen is a mother of six from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Her boyfriend is Clarence Reed. She attened Hot Springs High School. [0] [2]

Child Abuse Allegations

On August 12, 2016 Jennifer Denen and her boyfriend Clarence Reed were both arrested and charged for being physically and verbally abusive to her four year old daughter. [3]

When a police officer asked the girl what her name was she said "Idiot".

Another child living a the home said the parents called her "idiot instead of using her name."


The couple would tie the girl to her bed with zip ties to punish her if she climbed on kitchen cabinets. [3]

The girl had suffered, "deep purple bruising, a blackened eye, a swollen right cheek, scars, dried blood and ligature marks from being restrained," according to a police report.


The Department of Human Services had been involved with the family and called police on August 12, 2016 after they found signs of abuse on the girl. [3]

The girl has been placed in protective custody.

Jennifer and Clarence were charged with domestic battery, permitting abuse of a minor and endangering welfare of a minor. They are both being held at Garland County Jail on bonds of $500,000 each. [2] [3]

After Dene's arrest she lost custody of her six children, the four oldest went to stay with their biological father and the victim and the youngest child now in state custody.



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