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Jenna Nicole

Jenna Nicole

Jenna Nicole is a model and singer based in Atlanta. She has been featured in a number of motorsports magazines as well as Playboy.


In a club in Vegas

In a club in Vegas

Jenna was born to a musical family and grew up on gospel and country music.

Her vocal abilities were recognized by her grandmother who encouraged her to pursue music throughout her life until she passed away.

After her death, Jenna took a hiatus from music to focus on modeling instead.

Jenna was discovered in a restaurant by a stranger who saw a career in modeling for her.

She became quickly popular in the world of motorsports as a model and has been featured as a swimsuit model in publications including Playboy, Epitome Magazine Cover, Voltron Magazine, Pressure, Nuvu Magazine Cover, and Unravel Magazine. In addition, Jenna has a growing following on Instagram. As of March 2018, she has over 120K followers.

Jenna has since revitalized her music career and has signed a management deal with Grown Man Business.

As a singer/songwriter, she is working on her freshman debut project where she aims to be the next "Southern Pop Princess."

Her musical influences include Beyoncé, Jhené Aiko, and SZA.


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