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Jeffrey T. Stevenson

Jeffrey T. Stevenson

Jeffrey Stevenson is best known for his work with Veronis Suhler Stevenson, where he serves as managing partner.[2] VSS has grown tremendously since the introduction of Stevenson in 1981. The private investment funds began developing in 1987 leading to the number of equity funds and structured capital funds that are managed by the firm.

John J. Veronis and John S. Suhler cofounded Veronis Suhler where they also were responsible for launching Psychology Today.

With the help of investments made, the firm has since been involved in the investment of countless companies where their earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, and restructuring or rent costs (EBITDA) has grown considerably during the time that VSS is involved.

VSS has grown tremendously over the years.

As a privately held firm, it is based in New York, New York, operating as Veronis Suhler Stevenson International Ltd.



Jeffrey Stevenson attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.[15] He earned a BA in Economics and graduated from the university in 1982.[4] The education he obtained allowed him to move to New York, where he immediately began working for a media merchant bank that went by Veronis Suhler at the time.


Stevenson began his career with Veronis Suhler immediately upon graduating with his BA.[8] He began working for the firm in 1981 in the capacity of mergers and acquisitions.[5] Soon, he moved into the position of Executive Vice President, working with the corporate finances.

In 1987, Stevenson began working with private equity funds, which is when he was able to change the dynamic of the firm.

The first fund helped the bank to raise $57 million.[13] Since then, he was involved in investing in companies not only within the media and marketing industries but also in healthcare IT, business services, education, and information.[14] Investments have taken place across North America and Europe.

After several decades heading the private equity business of Veronis Suhler, the firm invited him to be a managing partner.

In 2005, the firm changed its name to become Veronis Suhler Stevenson, providing Stevenson with recognition in the form of including his name.

VSS now has Stevenson overseeing a fourth fund, providing a total managing interest of around $1 billion.


VSS has been able to show that private equity is capable of dominating the mergers and acquisitions sector.

Further, the first two funds that VSS was able to acquire has achieved a 46% rate of return.

Further, the third fund was launched in 1999 and remains active today.

With the help of Stevenson’s knowledge of private equity and investments, VSS has invested in over 84 countries and has been a part of over 350 add-on and acquisition transactions.[13] Further, the firm partnered with the Mecom Group in 2005.

This investment firm was headed by David Montgomery, the former chief executive for the Mirror Group.

This allowed them to acquire a publisher of German daily newspapers, Berliner Vaug.

The acquisition also made history by representing the first foreign takeover of a German daily news publication.

VSS, under the leadership of Stevenson, is also responsible for conducting and publishing research data in addition to the investment and recapitalization portfolios that are maintained.[9] The publications focus on forecasts and industries within the media, publishing, and communication sector, featuring data on financing and statistics.

Two heavily consulted American media industry periodicals are produced by VSS, including the Communications Industry Report and Communications Industry Forecast.

Stevenson continues to explore B2B media companies to determine how investing in middle-market companies can help to grow the firm using private equity and mezzanine debt investments.


Board Memberships

Stevenson has been involved as a board member with companies that have either been involved with VSS or that are part of the media and publications sector.

Currently, he serves on the board of Ebiquity, Advanstar Communications, Infobase Publishing, User Friendly Media, Access Intelligence, Market Strategies, Southern Theatres, SurSource, Cast & Crew, Cambium Learning, TMP Worldwide, Remedy Health, and ITN Networks.


He has also served as a member of the board in the past with such companies as Triax Southeast Associates, Canon Communications, B&B Merger Corporation, Spectrum Resource Towers, Vault.com, Centaur Communications, The Official Information Company, Birch Telecom, Pepcom, ITE Group, Yellow Book USA, PJS Publications, Rifkin Acquisition Partners, Hughes Broadcasting Partners, De Telefoongids, Mediatel, Cable Management Ireland, Kansas Broadcasting Systems, and Broadcasting Partners.


Further, Stevenson is actively involved with organizations including YPO/WPO, Lincoln Center Leadership Committee, and SBIA Board of Governors.


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