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Jeffery Dillon

Jeffery Dillon

Jeffery Dillon is an Adult film industry entrepreneur [1]and bodybuilder. [3]He lives in San Francisco.


Dillon is founder of AdultFit90, a company that challenges Pornographic Actor s to get in shape with a 90 day fitness challenge. [3]

He also works for GameLink, an adult entertainment and eCommerce company, focused on Video on demand (VOD), sex toys, and adult DVDs. [1]

Personal Life

Dillion is a member of the "White Privilege Club" on Facebook, a group which bills itself as "not a racist group, but the exact opposite.

It is a celebration of our culture and who we are."


Disturbance of Protest

Dillon was in the news in June 2017 when bystanders videotaped him driving his motorcycle through a group of protestors.

The protest, organized by Bay Resistance and Senior and Disability Action and took place outside the federal building at Seventh and Mission.

It was intended to protest the Republican health care bill under Donald Trump. [2]

Dillon was detained by police but has not been charged.


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