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Jeff Paul is an American journalist ​ based in Los Angeles, California ​. He is a correspondent at Fox News ​, covering the West Coast. [4] [3] [2]


Paul received a Bachelor's degree ​ in broadcast journalism ​ through the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University ​. [4]


Paul joined Fox News in 2018. Previously he served as a reporter for four years on the CBS 11 ​ News team in Dallas, Texas ​. There he covered the impact of Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey ​ and the 2016 Dallas police ambush. [4]

Before CBS 11, he spent three years at WPTV-TV ​, where he was the lead night side reporter. While there, Paul reported on major storms, including Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. He also covered the high-profile DUI manslaughter ​ case involving John Goodman ​. Additionally, Paul traveled to the Everglades National Park ​ to cover the massive beaching of dozens of Pilot whales ​. [4]

He was also a reporter for KEZI-TV ​, where he provided live coverage of several wildfires and floods. He also covered the University of Oregon ​college football national championship run and the tsunami evacuation of the Oregon coast during the Fukushima nuclear disaster. [4]

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