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Jeff Macke

Jeff Macke

Jeff Macke (born April 7, 1969) is a trader, financial analyst, columnist and television personality. He is the Founder and President ofMacke Asset Management and the host ofBreakouton Yahoo! Finance.

He is also a former cast member of CNBC's Fast Money . and a former hedge fund manager.

Early Life & Education

Jeff Macke graduated from Edina High School in Minnesota in 1987. He attended Dartmouth College where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition, he attained his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.


Jeff Macke has worked for Senn-Delaney, a retail culture consultancy firm and as an analyst for Palo-Alto investors. He also developed a training program for Sears and has run two hedge funds including Buckshot Capital. He is a West Coast editor and contributes to financial websites Minyanville and Breakout.com both of which are part of Yahoo! Finance.

He is currently on the Board of Directors for ALCO Stores.


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