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Jeff Hiatt

Jeff Hiatt

Jeff Hiatt is the author of the new book, ADKAR - A model for change in business, government and our community and co-author of Change Management: the People Side of Change. Mr. Hiatt also authored The Perfect Change and the Employee’s Survival Guide to Change, and is co-author of Winning with Quality, a story of quality improvement at AT&T. Currently CEO of Prosci Research, Mr. Hiatt has led benchmarking projects with more than 1600 companies on change management and business process design. Prosci's products and research activity extends to more than 59 countries, with registered members of Prosci's online learning centers exceeding 35,000 professionals world-wide. Customers include more than two thirds of fortune 500 companies, the United States Department of Defense and the UN. Prior to founding Prosci in 1995, Mr. Hiatt worked for Bell Laboratories where he led restructuring and business process improvement projects both in the US and Europe. Mr. Hiatt was educated in engineering and holds a Bachelors of Science degree from Colorado State University and an Masters degree from Rutgers University. Mr. Hiatt currently lives in Colorado. [1]


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Jan 23, 2016, 6:03 AM