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Jeff Benjamin (filmmaker)

Jeff Benjamin (filmmaker)

Jeff Benjamin is an author and a filmmaker.

Early Life

Jeff Benjamin was born on May 10 on the island of Trinidad.

His father is Jewish-American and his mother is of Grenadian descent.



Benjamin is the Executive producer of Miami Nights which aired on ABC in 2011.


When Slash Keaton is called to investigate a case of illegal alien transportation.

They are drawn into the underworld of sex drugs/ violence and human trafficking on Miami's South Beach.


Benjamin is also one of the producers on the film Oracabessa.

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Love and Cholera

Jeff Benjamin is the Author of Love and Cholera, [3]a non-fiction book based on the 2010 Haiti earthquake. [3]

Juvenile Injustice: The Chicago Story

Benjamin also wrote Juvenile Injustice: The Chicago Story with the help of Judge Eugene Pincham.

It is a non-fiction book based on the murder of Ryan Harris.

On July 28, 1998, an 11-year-old girl, Ryan Harris, was found raped and murdered in a vacant lot in the Englewood, Chicago. The homicide caught the nation's attention when a 7-year-old boy and 8-year-old boy were charged with the murder 12 days after Ryan's body was found. This made them the youngest murder suspects in the nation at the time. Semen found at the scene and subsequent DNA tests totally cleared the boys of the crime and pointed to convicted sex offender Floyd Durr. The boys each filed lawsuits against the city, which were eventually settled for millions of dollars. Durr pleaded guilty to the rape of Harris, but never admitted to her murder. [3]

Chronicles Of Princess Zarah

He recently launched his website for children fantasy learning books called Chronicles Of Princess Zarah.


Personal Life

Benjamin is married to actress/model Lauren Alexon Benjamin.

Together, they have 3 children: Zarah, Adin, and Levi.

Benjamin also has three children from a previous marriage: Dimarco, Juergen, and Giovanni.


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