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Jazz Egger

Jazz Egger

Jazz Egger is an international model, actress and music Journalist whose insights and revelations about the modeling industry have caused major shock. She was born in Austria, but moved to London when she was 18 years old. In 2013 she competed in the final of Elite Model Look, the world's most prestigious modeling contest. Jazz is represented by several agencies all around the world, including agencies in New York, London and Los Angeles.

The 5’ 10’’ dark blonde was born July 26, 1997 and has been modeling since she was a teenager.

She began her career at age 13 and also participated in Germany’s Next Top Model.

In November 2016, Egger began speaking about what happens behind closed doors within the fashion industry.

Now she is mostly known for doing it so.

In 2016, she re-captioned her Instagram photos using the hashtag #TruthBehindThisShot.

She began spilling the bens on the industry’s darkest secrets.

Her story was featured on TV and was covered by several big magazines – saying she came forward about the industry’s perception on body image by encouraging girls to love themselves for who they are.

Now the 20-year-old is speaking again, this time about prostitution in the modeling world.

Jazz added that although she respects the ones who choose to do it, she will not sell her body in that way.

The brown eyed beauty said in an interview with De Telegraaf that she wants to be a voice for those who do not dare to speak up about harassment in the fashion industry.

Find Jazz Egger on Instagram here.


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