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Omorose Osagie

Omorose Osagie

Omorose Osagie is a Nigerian concept and storyboard Artist specialized in 2D animation. She is among the New Works Grant winners. The short film title "The Glass Doll" which is a 2D animation featuring broken toys in a post-apocalytic world.[1]


Omorose attends the Carleton University where she earned her Health Science, English Minor and She is currently in The University of British Columbia’s Film Production program. "The Wolf that Chased the Sun is her debut short film completed in April of 2020.


She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Omorose Osagie began her filmmaking career with an interest in writing speculative fiction stories.. Omorose completed my first short film in 2020 and she is currently working on her thesis film and an animated short film outside of school which has received grant funding.

She have a lot of administrative experience as well as production experience in various roles on student films and independent short films.

Omorose was the Administrative Production Assistant from February 2019 to May 2019 at Director Ana Valine where she helped create a website to market her company, Rodeo Queen Pictures and also aided in general administrative tasks and research.

Omorose also was the Director at the Short Films titled "The Wolf That Chased the Sun, 2020", "The Right Swipe, 2021" and "Glass Doll (animated) 2021".

Also, she was the Script Supervisor in the Short Films titled "Breakaway, 2019", "99 Express, 2018", "Absence, 2018", "Pancake, 2019" "Black and Blue, 2021".

At Carleton University, Omorose was the Competitive Club Coordinator from September 2016 to April 2018 where she aided the interuniversity sports manager to review student registration documents, and process club contracts while managing 20 competitive clubs and over 200 club members.[2]


New Works Grant with Experimental Forest Films and the ISO Solidarity Fund Development Grant for the short film Glass Doll.

Vancouver International Film Festival's Catalyst Mentorship program


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