Jay Versace

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Jay Versace is an American Social Media Personality based in Los Angeles, California. He is known for his comedic content and being the "funniest teenager on the internet." [5]



Jay is originally from Pleasantville, New Jersey ​ and has always considered himself a class clown. He started making Vines in 2014 and would create humorous scenarios based off his family members, friends, and entertainers. When he posted a video dancing to Erykah Badu ​'s "On and On" in a towel, and captioned it, "how it feels when you light an incense." Badu retweeted it and said, "We live u so!! The children and I are true fans. Genius!"He grew a substantial following. In one month between December 2014 and January 2015, Jay gained 400,000 followers. [0] ​ Jay chose the name Jay Versace after watching a Vine of Riff Raff ​ called "Versace water." [5]

As of January 2018, Hay has garnered 2.8 million followers on Instagram ​ and nearly 1 million followers on Twitter ​. [4] [2]

Jay does not drink alcohol and ingest drugs and does not prefer to go out. [5] ​ He says he already knows what he wants in life and it is not through any of those activities. [9]

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