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JAXenter is an international technology website and news platform headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. [3]The editor is Gabriela Motroc. [1]


Front Page of Jaxenter

Front Page of Jaxenter

JAXenter is an international technology website and news platform focused on bringing the latest news in the tech world to developers and businesses.

In addition to the latest technology news, it also offers articles about topics such as development tools, coding tutorials, career tips, videos from JAX conferences, and the occasional rant about life as a developer.

[1]The website mainly focuses on Java-related news, the JVM ecosystem, DevOps, open source, IoT, machine learning, serverless and countless other programming topics.

[0]JAXenter has received a number of positive testimonials from readers such as Maro Troisi, Yi-Jirr, and more.


JAXenter operates under the umbrella of Software & Support Media, an international publishing house with a focus on the IT sector.

For many years Software & Support Media has been sharing its knowledge as a reliable partner for businesses of all sectors.

Their media offering has brought leading companies to important impulses to help further their innovation and development, while guaranteeing them a competitive advantage.

The Software & Support Media portfolio covers conferences, trainings, specialised magazines, online services and books.

In Europe, our media group ranks among the most comprehensive cross-media platforms of its kind.


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