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Jason Urgo

Jason Urgo

Jason Urgo is the CEO and Founder of Social Blade.

[3] He is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Social Blade

Urgo first started developing the idea for Social Blade in 2007 as a hobby trying to figure out how many digg's it took to go viral on the website Digg.

He was a Youtuber at the time and was curious of what it took to be a "top digger."

Urgo formally launched Social Blade in 2008 and it grew to encompass a number of social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitch.tv, and Twitter.

In 2012, Social Blade became Social Blade LLC.



Urgo has been an active YouTuber since 2007 and as of September 2018 had over 100K subscribers.



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