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Jason McGahan

Jason McGahan

Jason McGahan is an American Journalist and Investigative reporter known for covering stories regarding Drug trafficking in Mexico and the United States. He is currently a Staff Writer for LA Weekly. [6]


McGahan previously wrote for Al Jazeera, where he covered organized crime and drug trafficking in Latin America and the United States. His special investigative report "Drugs in Chicago" was awarded a 2014 Peter Lisagor Award for In-Depth Reporting from the Chicago branch of the Society of Professional Journalists. [5]

McGahan's work has also appeared in Playboy, The Daily Beast, and Vice.

Mexico–United States border

The stories that he has covered in Latin America has been related to crime as well as the Mexico–United States border. [0]Stories that he's covered are related to the notorious murders of several priests in the region of La Tierra Caliente. [2]

He's written extensively about how the United States Federal Government was involved in shaping the drug wards in Juárez, a border town between Mexico and United States. [3]


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