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Jason Huston

Jason Huston

Jason E. Huston was a volunteer wrestling coach at Hermiston High School in the Hermiston School District in Hermiston, Oregon. He was a close friend of Kenneth Valdez who also volunteered as a wrestling coach at the school. The two had known each other from when they were in high school and had wrestled together. [1]

Jason is the ex-girlfriend of Andria Bye, although the couple broke up they had a good relationship. He was a father like figure to Andria's 14-year-old sun James "JJ" Hurtado. [1]

Murder Suicide

On August 18, 2016 Jason Huston fatally shot Kenneth Valdez and James "JJ" Hurtado. He also shot Andria Bye however she survived the shooting, before killing himself with a self-inflicted gun wound.

Jason picked James "JJ" Hurtado up from his grandparents home at around 10 a.m telling them that he would be taking James to play disc golf at McNary Park. James was later found dead at in a wooded area where Jason would regularly go shooting.

Jason then drove to the home of his friend, Kenneth Valdez and burst into the bedroom where he found his ex-girlfriend Andria Bye with his old friend Kenneth.

Jason opened fire on the couple killing Kenneth Valdez and injuring Andria Bye before using the gun to kill himself.

Andria Bye was rushed to a local hospital, after being shot.

She is expected to survive her injuries.

Criminal Record


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