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Jason Coulls

Jason Coulls

Known to close friends as "Jase", Jason is a respected software developer who is based in Toronto, Canada.

These days he concentrates on the iOS platform, but historically he was a Windows, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry programmer, as well as one of the foremost expert SPL programmers in the world, and a leading authority on Crystal Reports.

Such was Jason's knowledge of Crystal Reports, in 2002 he showed that it was possible to attach the Windows Scripting Host to it (giving access to VBScript and JavaScript within reports).

Later, he extended this to include Intel 80x86 Assembler.

Traditionally, Jason worked on office automation systems, banking and other similar projects during the day, while being an experimenter on advanced ideas in the evenings due to his many different interests.

This experimentation eventually led to Jason becoming one of the only NATO codified iOS programmers in Canada, and being Joint Certified with the USA's Dept of Defence, as well as Canada's Dept of National Defence.

In keeping with his penchant for cutting edge technology, Jason currently works as Chief Technology Officer at food safety data pioneering company Tellspec.

At Tellspec, he helps to create the most advanced food safety analysis system using handheld NIR Spectroscopy combined with cutting-edge cloud computing.

In addition to mobile programming, Jason is fast becoming a public authority on Canadian banking security, having proven that the Canadian banking system is not as secure as many would like to think it is.

By early 2016, Jason had accumulated so much knowledge on how bad Canada's bank security was and how some of those banks could be breached, that he was again back in touch with government - and helped patch the Canadian Federal Government website platform that had holes in it, which could be exploited through the banks.


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