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Jasmine Nicole Rose

Jasmine Nicole Rose

Jasmine Nicole Rose is a mother of three from Augusta County, Virginia.


Personal Life

Jasmine Rose has three children, her eldest son, Jaidyn Rose, is 9 years old.

Her middle son Kai Brown is 4 years old and her youngest son Koa Brown is a one-year-old.


Jasmine Rose is 5 feet, 9 inches tall.

She has brown eyes and brown hair, and weighs 170 pounds.


On October 2, 2016 Jasmine Rose and her three children, Jaidyn Rose, Kai Brown, and Koa Brown were allegedly kidnapped.

Police believe that Jasmine and her children were kidnapped by Nicholas Andrew Brown who they had a protective order against.


The Augusta County Sheriff's Office said Nicholas is under a protective order barring contact with Rose and her three children.


Nicholas Brown is 38 year old and described as 6’2” and 175 lbs with green eyes and brown hair.


Nicholas may be driving a tan Toyota Camry or Toyota Corolla with unknown license plates.


Anyone with information on this case is requested to contact 911 or the Augusta County Sheriff's Office at (540) 245-5333.



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