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Jasmine Barkley

Jasmine Barkley

Second video of Jasmine Barkley saying racial slurs that has been shared on twitter.

Second video of Jasmine Barkley saying racial slurs that has been shared on twitter.

Jasmine Barkley is an American College Student known for appearing in a viral video that was leaked on Twitter where she uses the "n word" repeatedly.

[9] [7] [2]Days after being held accountable for her actions, she decided to write an open letter where she denies being a racist and that she also has the right to use the word.

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Personal Life & Activities

Barkley currently lives in the city of Wayne, New Jersey.



Jasmine Barkle y is filmed while inside of an elevator saying the "N" Word.

Jasmine Barkle y is filmed while inside of an elevator saying the "N" Word.

She is a student at William Patterson University in which recently she has been involved in controversies due to some of her actions in her personal life.

She was once part of a sorority on campus known as Delta Phi Epsilon.

[3] [5]

She was recently elected to serve as vice president of the university’s Greek Senate.


In The Media

The "n word"

Open letter that Jasmine Barkley wrote about herself not being a racist.

Open letter that Jasmine Barkley wrote about herself not being a racist.

Jasmine Barkley | Donkey of the Day.

Jasmine Barkley | Donkey of the Day.

On April 22nd, 2018, a student from Penn State University who goes by the name @seuntheactivist on Twitter, leaked two videos where two college girls share their opinions about the use of the "N-word".

[4] [2] [7]One of the two girls in the video is Barkley.

The other girl is a Penn State student by the name of Kaitlin Listro.

[1]The two of them were at a gathering and after Barkley was upset that her friend was "harassed" for singing along to the lyrics of "Freaky Friday" by Lil Dicky and featuring Chris Brown, so she took to Instagram to blatantly ask whether it's racist to say the "N-word" if it's in a song - though she pronounces the word and does not opt out from simply using "N-word".

Her friend, Kaitlin, can be seen in the background listening in and smiling.


In a second video, Kaitlin Listro is filmed inside of an elevator saying the "N-Word" continuously.

The video ends with Listro saying: "You're a fat nigger, suck my dick".


After the video started going viral on social media, and being identified, she published an open letter explaining herself.

The letter is as follow:

I am not a racist.

I believe in equality and respect among all.

The videos has been misconstrued in many ways across the media.

I admit that the place and context of how I presented my question was insensitive.

I am deeply sorry to those that have been offended from what was happening in the video.

If a word is offensive to a particular race then it should not be presented in music.

There have been multiple occasions on campus when I have heard similar music played that has repeatedly included the n-word and other vulgar terms in the lyrics.

When an interracial group sings along to lyrics including the n-word, people don’t call out those who are not black, racist for singing along.

I posed a controversial question because I was upset that my friend was harassed for singing along to the lyrics of “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky featuring Chris Brown.

I never attacked a specific person or group.

I was simply questioning why one race has more rights to freedom of speech than another.

Lenard McKelvey (Charlemagne Tha God) was posted on a Youtube channel speaking on this topic.

In the video, he states until blacks stop using the word na “we can’t get mad at nobody else for using the word na”.

He goes on to speak about how if people want to see change, they need to be change they want to see.

He believes that it is hypocritical for a person to use the word and not expect others not to use it as well.

Another comment he makes is about how if Martin Luther King Junior or other historic black figures were to come back to life, they wouldn’t be shocked by white people using the n-word but by those of the black using the n-word.

There is no moral justification stating that I am not allowing to sing lyrics sung by a different race.

The black race has been fighting against segregation for a long time, yet the divide of who can use the n-word only creates more segregation.

I have been an active member in the William Paterson community to have a voice on campus and because I am someone who puts effort towards making positive strides in equality.

My hope is that people realize this was not a malicious act but just a response to feeling ridiculed and unequal pertaining to this issue.

I hope after sharing my thoughts this provides some clarification and insight into what type of person I am.

I also hope that by opening up this issue for discussion, racial groups can become more sensitive of one other’s feelings and develop a better understanding of the true meaning of freedom of speech.


Barkley was suspended from her sorority with her University stating that they cannot condemned her for her actions as she is protected by her First amendment, though they condemn her words and don' associate with racism at their campus.

Her friend, Kaitlin Listro, was also suspended from participating in the cheerleader team.

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A slew of reactions stormed twitter in regards to the racist videos of Barkley and her friend, Kaitlin.

[4] [11]One of them came by Charlamagne Tha God, who named Barkley Donkey of the Day for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018.

[1]As Charlamagne was mentioned in Barkley's letter, he decided to set the record straight about the reference in which he is being mentioned as related to the letter.


Charlamagne says that he made the comments back in 2013, which he sees as a different era in relation to 2018.

Also, Charlamagne relates that the commentary he made were in the context of white people using the word in the same way that black people use the word everyday, not in the context of racism.

He goes on to say that she does indeed pose the question on Instagram if it's acceptable to use the "n-word" if it's in a song lyric, but then moments later she goes on to film her friend using the word in a racist context and posting it on her social media, which then Charlamagne deduces of Barkley as insincere about her initial question concerning the use of the word.



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