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Jasmine Abuslin (Celeste Guap)

Jasmine Abuslin (Celeste Guap)

Jasmine Abuslin, most well known as Celeste Guap is a resident of Richmond, California.

Personal Life

She is the daughter of a police dispatcher in Oakland, California.

A llegations

In May 2016, Guap admitted that she allegedly had sex with more than a dozen Oakland, California police officers beginning when she was only 16 years of age.

Calling her relationships “harmless,” Guap admits that “The only officer I ever messed with underage is sadly gone now.”

That officer is Brendan O’Brien.

Brendan O'Brien was involved with Celeste after his wife had committed suicide.

In an on-camera interview in June 2016, Celeste explained that she and Brendan had fallen in love, but she threatened to expose that he was having sex with a minor after he didn't respond to her phone calls.

The threat made him commit suicide.


Three officers have been suspended as a result.

Those cops have not been named.

Police Tip Off

It has been reported that Celeste made a deal with the police officers she slept with.

In exchange for sleeping with them, she alleges some cops tipped her off about undercover operations, and also gave her protection.

A copy of texts:

A screenshot of her cell phone shows texts with a cop who she referred to by the name “Superman.”

He wrote: “Be safe today.

Want some advice?”

Guap replied: “Tell me handsome.”

The officer said: “Stay off east 14, from Fruitvale to 42 tonight.

There’s a UC operation” which meant an undercover prostitution sting.

She wrote back: “Damn, lol.”


On May 31, 2017, Abuslin was awarded $989,000 from the city of Oakland, California.


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