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Jasmin Lind

Jasmin Lind

Jasmin Lind (born May 3, 2000) is a YouTube star. [1]


Lind is acquainted with Thea Kornum.


She was born in Denmark.


Jasmin's astrological sign is Taurus.


If you haven't already gotten acquainted with Jasmin Lind's signature intro jokes, it's time!

Jasmin is one of Denmark's rising stars on YouTube, where more than 48,000 subscribers already enjoy her entertaining, honest and creative videos.

On Monday 16 July, Jasmin will travel on the EF Say Hello Tour, where she will represent Denmark in a field with 8 other international social media superstars.

It's the first time we have the honour of having a Danish YouTuber on this special vlogger Tour, and we can guarantee lots of great vlogs and unforgettable stories - live from EF's coolest destinations. Jasmin will travel with Eva Miller from Russia, Enzo (Enzotaistoi) from France and Kassii (Typischkassii) from Germany.


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