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Jarrett Tonn (Police Officer)

Jarrett Tonn (Police Officer)

Jarrett Tonn (Police Officer) is an American police officer with the Vallejo, California Police Department. He received national scrutiny after allegedly shooting Sean Monterrosa on June 2, 2020 at a Walgreens. [3] [2] [1]


Jarrett Tonn has been a police officer with the Vallejo Police Department since 2013.


In the Media

Shooting of Sean Monterrosa

Police in Vallejo were responding to a call of alleged looting on June 2, 2020, when they found Monterrosa outside a Walgreens store. An officer in an unmarked vehicle fired five bullets at him through his windshield. The police chief claimed the officer believed Monterrosa had a gun, but he only had a hammer in his pocket. [1]

Police stated Monterrosa was on his knees with his arms above his waist when the incident occurred.

Monterrosa was fatally hit once.

The Bay Area News Group identified the officer as Jarrett Tonn and reported that this was the fourth time in five years that he has fired his gun at a person on duty, including two shootings within a six-week period in 2017. Those previous shootings were not fatal. [1]


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