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Janeé Harteau

Janeé Harteau

Janeé Harteau is the former Chief of the Minneapolis Police Department.

[0]She was appointed by Mayor R.T.

Rybak to replace former chief Tim Dolan in 2012.

[0]She was on personal leave when a police officer shot an Australian woman to death.

Medaria Arradondo took over as police chief.

Early Life

Harteau grew up in Duluth with her mom and siblings after her parents divorced.



She got a law enforcement degree from Hibbing Community College in 1986.


Minneapolis Police Department

She was hired as a Minneapolis poloce officer in 1987.

[1]Harteau is the first woman to lead the department in its 150 year history.



She filed a discrimination lawsuit against the police department [1]for sexual harassment and discrimination with Minnesota's Human Rights Department in 1996.

[1]Harteau said officers were interrupting police radio transmissions she and Keegel were making so they could not be heard.

[1]They have an adult daughter.


Personal Life

A lesbian, she is reported to be one-sixteenth Chippewa and is a registered member of the Bad River Reservation in Wisconsin.

[1]For more than 25 years she has been in a domestic partnership with police Sergeant Holly Keegel.

[1]They once shared patrol duties.

[1]They were married in 2013 when it became legal in Minnesota.

She is a 25 year veteran of the department.



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