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Jamie Urton

Jamie Urton

Pictured on Facebook

Pictured on Facebook

Jamie Urton was a resident of Cincinnati, Ohio. [4]

Personal Life

He attended Kings High School (Kings Mills, Ohio).




On March 24, 2017, Jamie was shot to death after his car hit a four-year-old boy who was in the street in Cincinnati, Ohio. [4] [6]He had just left work and was with a co-worker when the boy was struck. [4] [6] The child was crossing Kenton Street in Walnut Hills at about 12:00 p.m. when he was hit. [6] [4]Three nearby pedestrians then confronted the Jamie and his passenger. At some point, an altercation broke out and shots were fired. [6] [4]

Jamie had been shot several times during the incident.

He was taken to a local hospital where he died during surgery. [6] [4]The boy who was hit suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Jamie's coworker survived his injuries.

[6] [4]


Police are looking for three suspects in the case, one of them is armed.

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