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Jamie Kantrowitz

Jamie Kantrowitz

Jamie Kantrowitz is an entrepreneur and investor.

She is a Los Angeles, California native.


Kantrowitz is a graduate of Emory University, where she earned a BA in International Relations. At Emory, Kantrowitz played varsity volleyball and was President of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority.

Kantrowitz attended Harvard Westlake, a prestigious prep school in Los Angeles. [3]


Kantrowitz's first job was at digital agency in New York focused on bringing consumer businesses online.

She worked with brands like Hearst, Ralph Lauren, and NBC on their first forays onto the web. From 2004-2009, she held various senior roles at Myspace where she joined early in the company’s inception and started the Marketing and Content divisions. She was responsible for launching MySpace’s music and social entertainment platform, and then moved to London to lead the international expansion of the company into 30 countries as SVP, Global Marketing + Entertainment. [3]Kantrowitz is the founder of the Gobbler, a Cloud platform that facilitates media project management. [5]Jamie also co-founded the Los Angeles Women's Collective PAC an organization and Political Action Committee created to support women's issues and increase the representation of women in politics. [0]

In 2012, she was adviser to the CTO for President Barack Obama’s digital campaign. Jamie has served as a Board Director for SoundCloud. She was previously a partner at Launchpad LA, a Startup accelerator in Southern California.

Personal Life

Jamie is married to her Gobbler cofounder, Chris Kantrowitz.


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