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James T. Harris

James T. Harris

James T. Harris extrapolates the past and present societal realities to prepare his audience to Navigate the Currents of Change.

His signature presentations inspire and equip clients with powerful tools to constructively advance generational Leadership, cultural, organizational, and workforce change.As a compelling, dynamic, energetic speaker, James T. Harris is always entertaining. But preferring substance over style, James also brings the full weight of historical trends and statistical analysis to bear at every event with a healthy dose of humor, Audience participation and a very animated style of speaking. James is the host of his own radio talk show on Milwaukee’s No.1-rated talk radio station, 620 AM – WTMJ. “The National Conversation with James T. Harris” airs every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. His spirited and substantive insight has garnered Attention, attracting a whole new audience to WTMJ and reshaping the cultural “conversation” throughout the entire southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois market. James is also a regular panelist on “Sunday Insight,” a current events driven program that appears on WTMJ’s leading television station.The foundation for his thriving work with the generations was established in the public school system. As a teacher, James used his talent and passion for history to motivate, inspire and compel two generations of students to learn history through the paradigm of seasons and cycles at one of Milwaukee’s leading suburban high schools. He still considers himself a teacher at heart, albeit to a broader audience. James T. Harris now inspires audiences by teaching the three C’s for times of change as part of his Seven IllumiNating Drivers that will make or break organizations over the next two decades.James has advanced businesses, government agencies, educational institutions and other organizations in meeting their goals for more than seven years. To ensure lasting outcomes and results for your organization or client, consider hiring James T. Harris for your next speaking engagement. [1]


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Jan 23, 2016, 2:03 AM