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James Massiah

James Massiah

James Massiah is a poet and musiciam from South London. [7]In 2017, James was featured in Dazed100 by Dazed Digital.

Early Years and Career

James Massiah is a poet and musician from South London. He has already given readings of his poetry at the Tate Modern, The Southbank and the Houses of Parliament and has received commissions to produce work for the BBC and The Guardian. James is also a founder of the A & The E, a platform for the discussion of the arts and philosophy – curating regular poetry and music events across London. [12]

A regular on NTS Radio, James has successful experience as a DJ. His sets include a vast range of dance music styles. [12]

"My childhood was spent playing out with friends, lots of computer games, going on church camps, quite a few holidays.

It was pretty normal; but with a backdrop of being from a conservative, religious background, which put limits on the fun.

I’m atheist now."

[18]- James for The Early Hour.

Massiah фдыщ describes his childhood as rather conservative, connected with church camps and lots of computer games.

His parents encouraged James to read at a young age and the boy began writing his own material as a child.

[19]His first public performance toom place when he was 12 and it was in church, where he preached a sermon as a 30-minute poem.

[18]James Massiah was also involved in theatre at school, influenced by a combination of Shakespeare and the Bible, which led to an early love of literature and public speaking. [19]


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