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James Larry Robinson Jr

James Larry Robinson Jr

James Larry Robinson Jr. is a 36 year old former Police officer from Riverdale, Georgia.


Rape Investigation

Riverdale Police officer James Larry Robinson Jr., of Jonesboro, Georgia was fired after only five months on the job [3]following his arrest on Tuesday September 6, 2016 for allegedly raping a woman while he was transporting her to a jail in an Atlanta suburb.

[0]Rather than take the woman straight to jail, Robinson allegedly pulled up to an empty building near a custom tire shop last month along Tara Boulevard and sexually assaulted her.

[1]Employees at the shop said the upset woman came by the shop and requested footage from their security cameras.

[2]Riverdale police requested the GBI investigate the incident.

Robinson turned himself in on Tuesday, the same day he was terminated from the force.

Robinson is being charged with rape and sexual assault against a person in custody.

[2] [1]He appeared in court on September 7 2016.

[1]Robinson remains in Clayton County Jail on no bond, according to inmate records.

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