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James Eric Davis Jr.

James Eric Davis Jr.

James Eric Davis Jr. pictured on Twitter

James Eric Davis Jr. pictured on Twitter

James Eric Davis Jr. is a student residing in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. [1]

Personal Life & Education

He is the son of James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis. [1] Davis Jr. is a sophomore at Central Michigan University. [1]

He is a native of Plainfield, Illinois. [1]

In the Media

On Friday March 2, 2018, Davis Jr. allegedly shot and kill his parents at Central Michigan University.


The shooting took place on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall, which is part of the Towers residence hall complex on the west side of campus.


The bodies of James Davis Sr., 48, and Diva Davis, 47, were found inside the residence hall.

James Davis Jr. remained on the run and authorities believe he was still in Mount Pleasant.


Police stated they had contact with Davis Jr. on Thursday evening related to a possible drug interaction or overdose.

He was taken to McLaren Central Michigan hospital in Mount Pleasant, where police turned over his care to the medical staff.


He was taken into custody after being seen passing through the campus after midnight Saturday March 3, 2018.


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