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Jamelle Sanders Intl

Jamelle Sanders Intl

Best known as a Change Agent and Planet Shaker, Jamelle Sanders is a life coach, success mentor, radio host, leading Empowerment Specialist and catalyst of change that is impacting lives for the Kingdom.

His revoutionary thinking, provocative communication style and passion to see people maximize potential make him a 21st Century Leader.

According to Jamelle, "Life is to be lived and not merely experienced.

My purpose and mission in life is to help people unlock the gifts and talents God placed on the inside of them."

Jamelle is the President and CEO of Jamelle Sanders International.

JSI is a life coaching, success mentorship and leadership and organizational development company devoted to empowering change agents to impact the world.

Jamelle Sanders is a 21st Centry Inspirational Leader devoted to the realization of greatness!!



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