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Jamel Dunn

Jamel Dunn

Jamel D. Dunn was a father, brother, and ex-con from Cocoa, Florida. He was filmed by teenagers who mocked him as he drowned in Bracco Pond Park. [1]


Early Life

Born and raised in the state of Florida, he grew up in the town of Cocoa with his family. He has a sister named Simone McIntosh, whom he got along with very well and loved. [undefined]

Criminal Record

Jamel was sentenced to federal prison in 2012 according to court records.

He did time in Sanford, Florida. [undefined]

Drowning Incident

On July 9th, 2017, while at the Bracco Pond Park in Cocoa, several teenagers who were in the area smoking Cannabis [1] saw Jamel struggling to inside of a pond. [undefined] From a far, the teens began recording the moments when Jamel battled for air and captured on camera when he fell under the water to his death for not being able to swim. [undefined]

As Jamel drowned, the teens began to laugh and ridicule him.

Police went called the actions by the teenagers, "Utterly cruel and inhumane"[undefined] but they have not been charged with a crime.

After the teens reported Jamel's body several days later, it was taken out of the pond.

He had been reported missing a few days earlier.



The names of the teens have not been released by the police and they have not been charged, no crime against existing laws was committed.

They are also considered Juveniles.

According to police report, some of the teens did not feel any remorse whatsoever towards Jamel.

The rest of the teens feel very disturbed about the experience of seeing Jamel drown and showed remorse.


Jamel had actually been reported missing on the same day that the teenagers recorded the incident.


Verbal Altercation

Footage of the moments when Jamel drowns.

Footage of the moments when Jamel drowns.

According to news sources, it appears that on the morning or July 9th, 2017, the day he drowned, he had an altercation with his mother and fiancee.

He had asked his fiancee to leave the house, which was around 12:40 p.m.

About ten minutes later, 12:50 p.m., he headed out into the water near the pond, where he drowned.

It was later in the evening that his fiancee reported him missing.


As of yet, neither his family nor investigators know the reasons why he decided to go into the water.


Reactions on Social Media & Internet

People took to Facebook page of Jamel's sister, Simone, to express their condolences over the incident. Other people habe expressed their disgust over the way the teenagers handled the situation. [undefined]

Simone said the following in regards to her brother's death:

"Just why didn't you call for help?...

Even if you didn't physically go in and help him, why didn't you just make a phone call to get him help, someone who can help him?

All it took is one call, one second, and a life could have been saved.

He clearly screamed for help not once, not twice, but three times."


Simone set a Gofundme for the death of her brother because he didn't have any insurance and there are bills to help pay for his daughters and their single mothers.

Out of $30,000 goal, they have been able to raise roughly $20,000.



He had two daughters from different mothers whom he had separated from a while ago.


He had a fiancee before his death.


He was disabled.



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