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Jamal Mohamed

Jamal Mohamed

Jamal Mohamed is a HIV-positive Kenyan man who is infamous for knowingly infecting at least 7 women.


HIV Facebook Post

On 30 December 2016, Jamal Mohamed posted a status on Facebook that went Viral. He said:

"Of all the girls I have ever dated, none is happily married or in stable relationship, five died and two are hiv positive, hehehe na bado (I'm not yet done)"[2]

Jamal Mohamed had knowledge of his HIV/AIDS infection and still had unprotected sex. In the United States, Jamal would likely face manslaughter charges. This is because he would knowingly infect someone with a deadly disease. [2]

Many people were very angered that he would take such irresponsible actions.

Contraceptives such as Condoms would likely have stopped the spread of the virus. [2]

News outlets claimed that Jamal had "killed" the women since he had knowingly contributed to their death via his HIV.



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