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Jake Webb

Jake Webb

Jake Webb is an Australian musician and founder of the band, Methyl Ethel.

[4]Webb began experimenting with recording music that he wanted to listen to.

He began recording music having the listener experience in mind as a part of their daily life journey.

His style of conjuring ideas is to implement a seemingly sounding pop song into a soundscape or landscape as the listener travels through space.


Webb's style of playing music is considered Psych rock and Dream pop. [9]

Webb wrote, recorded and released a two EP diptych of Guts and Teeth under the Methyl Ethel moniker, taking the name from where he punches the clock with his father:

"My dad works in fibre glass.

Literally to make the product it's methyl ethyl ketone peroxide... I spell it Methyl Eth(E)l as a play on words in order to create an identity, a personality with the name ETHEL.”

Webb also teaches kids how to play instruments: guitar, piano and drums.

He picked up his first guitar aged 12 and started figuring out songs, endlessly fascinated by their structure.

These days he works out Ravel and Debussy pieces on piano, just for fun.



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