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Jake Kim

Jake Kim

Jake Kim is a Music Producer for the Berklee College of Music. He lives in New York City and works in Boston, Massachusetts. [1]


Kim is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Class of 2017. [1]


In addition to his work for the Berklee College of Music, Kim runs an independent music production company called FUTUREPAST Music Entertainment. [1]

Racism Controversy

Kim is a frequent patron of Starbucks. In September 2017, he posted a video of the barista writing his name as "Ching" on his cup rather than "Jake". Kim claims she was acting on racism, but the barista says she could not hear him because he was also on his iPhone. The barista was African american.

Kim was accused of racism in his accusation because he ends his post with the words: "I guess it's the uneducated minorities that makes the world dirty".


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