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Jag Jeans

Jag Jeans

Jag® jeans have it all - fit, fashion, comfort, and style.

The world seems to be moving faster and faster, and women today are busier than they have ever been.

They have less time for themselves.

Shopping for jeans can be a time consuming, daunting, and sometimes deflating experience, akin to shopping for a bathing suit.

Jag jeans is committed to an effortless, easy, shopping experience.

Jag jeans consider every woman, every size, every shape so that when a woman buys a pair of jeans, she not only feels good in them, she feels good about herself.

She knows that Jag jeans always have the prefect amount of style and fashion for her.

She trusts Jag, and knows she will never have to worry about shopping for jeans, capris and bermuda shorts again.

She will walk away content and uplifted.

Jag jeans signature fabrics are premium denim supplied by the highest quality mills in the industry.

Ring spun denim is created using the original jeanswear technique developed over 80 years ago.

The special yarns produced by this method create unique surface characteristics in the fabric.

This produces a desirable unevenness, giving these woman's jeans a nice authentic vintage look.

Ring spun yarns add strength, softness and character to denim fabric.

All Jag jeans garments will stretch to the contour of a woman's body and always keep its shape.

So find your perfect pair whether you wear missy, plus or petite jeans.


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