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Jacquesha "Billie" Clanton

Jacquesha "Billie" Clanton

Memorial video of Jacquesha with her friend Jakhiraa

Memorial video of Jacquesha with her friend Jakhiraa

Jacquesha "Billie" Clanton was an 18-year-old resident of Richmond, Virginia. She was known as an encouraging person, who was always willing to help others.

Personal Life

Jacquesha Clinton lived in the 2300 block of North 29th Street of the North side of Richmond, Virginia. Jacquesha was a fan of the minions characters from the movies from the Despicable Me (franchise) and had a minions hat that she loved.


Video of Jacquesha and her friends taunting people in their Facebook live broadcast before her death

Video of Jacquesha and her friends taunting people in their Facebook live broadcast before her death

Video Jacquesha posted on June 15, 2017 a day before her death

Video Jacquesha posted on June 15, 2017 a day before her death

On June 16, 2017 Jacquesha Clinton was fatally shot in a quadruple shooting at the Newman Village Apartments on Old Brook Road in North Richmond at 7:30 p.m.

Three hours before the quadruple shooting that killed Jacquesha, she and her friends had posted a video on Facebook Live of them searching for and taunting an unknown person who they expected to fight.

Police said three other people in their early 20s were also shot in what witnesses described as a dozen-person melee that ended with at least 15 shots being fired by an unknown party.

The injuries suffered by the three surviving victims were not life-threatening, police said.

Police said they're investigating Clanton's death as a homicide.It

was not clear Friday whether the Facebook posts led directly to the fight that ended in gunfire.

Clanton shared public posts and live videos throughout the day Thursday on Facebook, where she had nearly 5,000 friends and nearly 3,000 people subscribed to her posts.

“The field is right there,” she said in a broadcast from Fairfield Court in Richmond's East End.

“I’m really not tripping.

Because y’all know me – I handle my own.

Anybody I fight for my damn self.

I don’t need nobody to fight for me baby because I’m good.

I’m good.”

The video from Fairfield was posted at roughly 4:30 p.m.

It closes with an unknown teenager coming on the screen expressing disappointment that at a prior fight, pepper spray was used against her.

“What did I tell you about bringing mace,” the friend says.

“I would have killed all y’all b------.

I got mace, tase, brass knuckles.

All that s---.

That s--- ain’t about nothing.

Pocket knife.

All that s---.

That s--- ain’t about nothing.

But I’m using my f---ing hands.

So what the f---.

Mace ain’t s---.

That mace s---.”

At no point in the videos and Facebook posts is it clear who the fight is with or what it’s about.Being

sure the dispute was being broadcast on Facebook, however, was a running concern. Clanton

opens one of her videos by saying, “I have to go live on this b----.”

In the live video from Newman Village just before the fight began, the friend streaming fretted about her phone’s battery dying, preventing her from continuing to record.

She asked the roughly six people around her if she can use their phones instead, but they said they were out of data.

After the shooting, Clanton's friends posted on Facebook expressing disbelief that someone had brought a gun to the fight and, later, shock that Clanton had been killed.A

man who was apparently with Clanton at the shooting posted a photo of a bloody shirt with the caption, “Took the shirt off my back to cover up the wound and she still ain’t make it bra??”

In a series of messages with a reporter, the friend who posted the Newman Village video denied that Clanton was fighting.

“She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time,” the teen said.

Asked about the numerous Facebook videos that appeared to show Clanton and her friends expecting a fight, she reiterated: “She was not fighting she was just out there.”

The friend later posted on Facebook, where Clanton goes by the family name Billie, which is what her friends call her: “Billie called me a couple days ago talking bout don't let nobody put know clouds around me when i die.

i straight laughed at her a-- like wtf you talking about yo a-- ain't gone die.”

Other efforts to reach family and friends were unsuccessful Friday morning.

Clanton's Facebook page gave the impression of a young woman with a big sense of humor who liked to share light-hearted videos of herself online.

In one she danced in an exaggerated way.

In another, she wrapped her hair into an oversized bun and made fun of herself.

In another recent post she expressed frustration about only having two days off this week.

Hundreds of tributes appeared online Thursday night and Friday morning under the hashtag LongLiveBillie.

"We need you back.

This ain't right," one person posted in a typical comment.

Others used the hashtag to express frustration about the public nature in which the fight and then death was shared: "Why go live while her body laid there in blood?

Why... are you live in the hospital after they pronounced her dead.. showing everyone during their time of grief ???


Similar frustrations were apparent at the scene of the shooting Thursday night, where bystanders were aware of the Facebook exchanges that led up to the killing.

"Facebook needs to be shut down," one woman said to no one in particular as she walked away from Northwood.


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