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Jackie Ruka

Jackie Ruka

Jackie Ruka is America's Happyologist™ and Lifestyle Strategist.

As a trained Art Psychotherapist and certified Action Success Coach, affiliated with Harvard University, she teaches professionals, organizations and Fortune 500 companies how to be unstoppable and fearless, toward living their dreams out loud, by starting with happiness first.

Jackie has been featured as a Speaker and member of the Experts Industry Academy and on numerous Radio and TV episodes.

Her best selling book, "Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life", blends the science of happiness with inspirational stories of life’s breakdowns that led to breakthroughs, utilizing the mmindshift advantage, which she discovered coaching over 5000 clients, as well as experiencing a lif changing event leading her to inspire others.The

power of Jackie’s creative background and as aa an award winning sales and marketing executive within Fortune 100/500 companies, offers audiences a fresh view to opening their imagination where every problem has a solution and the silver lining resides within. Jackie’s

research has led to a new understanding of creativity with harnessing a new economic paradigm through Gross Domestic Happiness, the future to an overall positive lifestyle. [0]


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