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Jacab Bergonia

Jacab Bergonia

Ready to race

Ready to race

Jacab Bergonia was a 16-year-old from Lowell, Indiana. [0]

Life and Activities

Jacab grew up in Lowell and attended Lowell High School (Lowell, Indiana) where he was a sophomore student. [6]He and his family were parishioners at St. Edward Church. [6]An athlete, Jacab was passionate about Motorcross and raced competitively throughout his life. [3]He is remembered for his perseverance, determination, and kindness towards others. [0]


On the evening of May 26th around 8:30 pm, Jacab died in a car accident blocks away from his home.

The accident occurred at the intersection of 171st Place and Parrish Avenue.


A funeral mass will be held at St. Edward Church on May 31st at 11 am.



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