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J. Jewels

J. Jewels

Jimmy Jules, very wellrecongnized by his Stage name J. Jewels, is a Haitian born Actor [1], Hip hop, Recording artist, Songwriter and Music producer from Boston, Massachusetts.

The name "J Jewels" is a play on the name of the street Rue J Jules in Haiti.

Career With a Career that began as a Disc jockey / Videographer / Record producer and show M.C. to an Entrepreneur, Jewels opened his JewelsE Inc company In 2006, he put together the first ever "New England Idol" competition in hopes of finding some new talent and expanded its role in regional music with a new label (JEI Music Group) in 2015.

That same year he was cast for the film Central Intelligence starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Amy Ryan, Jason Bateman, Danielle Nicolet, and Aaron Paul.

Jewels emerged as an artist himself with the April, 2016 release of “Itty Bitty Bum Bum ,” the first title from his self titled "J Jewels Presents" the first title from his J Jewels Presents long player.


2009Four Single Fathers*Parent at recital
2013R.I.P.D.1970's Detective
2016Central IntelligenceReunion guest


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