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Israeli News Live

Israeli News Live

Israeli News Live is a popular end-times Bible Prophecy YouTube channel hosted by Ben DeNoon.

In his videos Ben DeNoon strives to reconcile headlines from around the world with Bible Prophecy.

Ben DeNoon believes that he has the ability to answer questions such as who the Antichrist is, when the Gog and Magog war will begin and who the key players are in those events.

He believes that all nations will soon be against Israel and that the Popes of Rome have conspired against the Jewish people.

[0]Ben DeNoon also hosts a companion website, Israel Returns: The DeNoon Institute of Biblical Research.


Since it's creation in 2011, the Israeli News Live YouTube channel has garnered 163,362 subscriptions and 38,647,651 views.

(as of November 13, 2017) [0]


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