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Isadore Rosenfeld, MD was widely recognized as one of USA ​'s preeminent doctors. With more than a dozen best selling books to his credit, Dr. Rosenfeld was one of the leading and most effective proponents in the education of the American public in medical matters.

Early Years

Isadore Rosenfeld was born in Montreal, Canada ​, where he attended McGill College and McGill University Medical School ​. [5]


At the time of his retirement in 2011, Isadore was Rossi Distinguished Professor ​ of Clinical Medicine at Cornell Medical Center (joined the faculty in 1958) and an Attending physician ​ at NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital ​ and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ​. [2] [5]

Isadore was the president of the New York County Medical Society ​ and was a member of The Practicing Physicians Advisory Council for the Secretary of Health and Human Services ​. While running a private practice in Manhattan ​, Rosenfeld has served as a Consultant ​ to the National Institutes of Health ​ on such task forces as Arteriosclerosis, sudden death, and Hypertension. [2]

He was the first Physician ​ to be honored by the New York Heart Association ​ for Distinguished Contributions to Science and Medicine, and also received an Honorary doctorate ​ of Science from McGill University ​ in Canada ​. In November 1999 he received the United Nation ​'s Citizen of the World Award and was awarded the ​San Valentino D'Oro Gold Medal for Medicine. [2]

In addition, Isadore was the health editor for Parade Magazine ​ and Medical Consultant ​ for Fox TV ​, where he appeared every Sunday morning on his popular Sunday House Calls program. [2]

Family Life

Isadore had a wife Camilla (married in August 1956), children Arthur, Hildi, Stephen and Herbert, and 9 grandchildren. [4]


Isadore's family said he suffered from the complications related to the flu. [4] [5]


  • Doctor of the Heart (November 2009) [3]
  • Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's Breakthrough Health 2004: 167 Up-to-the Minute Medical Discoveries, Treatments, and Cures That Can Save Your Life, from America's Most Trusted Doctor! (2004)
  • Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld's 2005 Breakthrough Health: Up-to-the-Minute Medical News You Need to Know (2004)
  • Healing Breakthroughs: Over 200 Up-To-The-Minute Remedies and Cures That Can Save Your Life (2004)
  • Power to the Patient: The Treatments to Insist On When You're Sick (2002) [3]
  • Live Now, Age Later: Proven Ways to Slow Down the Clock (1999) [3]
  • Dr. Rosenfeld's Guide to Alternative Medicine: What Works, What Doesn't -- and What's Right for You (1997) [3]
  • Doctor, What Should I Eat?: Nutrition Prescriptions for Ailments in which Diet Can Really Make a Difference (1995) [3]
  • The Best Treatment (1991) [3]
  • Symptoms (1989) [3]
  • Modern Prevention: The New Medicine (1986)
  • Second Opinion (1981) [3]
  • The Complete Medical Exam (1978)
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