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Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella Jane Cruise (born December 22, 1992) is is the adopted daughter of famous hollywood stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.[1]

Early Life

Isabella was born on December 22, 1992 in Miami, Florida. Her brother Connor Cruise was also adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. She has three half-sisters: Suri Cruise, Sunday Rose, and Faith Margaret.[1]

Suri is Tom and Katie’s biological daughter, Sunday and Faith are Nicole Kidman’s biological daughters from her second marriage with Keith Urban. [2]


At a little age, Isabella had aspired to be a screenplay writer, but Tom and Nicole kept her away from the fame of Hollywood. They never took her to any events or premier shows. Since she was homeschooled, she did not get the opportunity to attend a regular school. [3]

Isabella was sent to London for her college education where she studied art. She then completed a 12-month diploma in professional hairdressing at Sassoon Academy. [1]


She gained considerable knowledge and experience in hairstyling and make-up, then joined the prestigious Delamar Academy of Make-up & Hair at Ealing Studios in London. She decided to focus on starting her own chain of styling and make-up academies.[2]

In February 2018 she launched her own clothing line called BKC.

She honored her mother Nicole Kidman by putting her name in the Line.

BKC stands for Bella Kidman Cruise.[1]


Many people were surprised when she got married to an IT consultant named Max Parker in 2015 in a private ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were absent from her wedding and this sparked off many speculations.


Tom took care of the wedding expense but he kept himself away from the ceremony, but Nicole was not even informed about the wedding.[3]

Bella and her husband lives in a semi-detached house in Croydon, London. She moved there together with her husband in 2017. She has chose to to live a modest life instead of a lavish one in Los Angeles. She has also rejected financial support from her parents.

Troubled Relationship

When Isabella was little, her biological mother could not take care of her due to some financial issues so she was adopted by Tom and Nicole from a hospital in Miami. Tom and Nicole knew Isabella’s biological mother as she was associated with the Church of Scientology, a multinational network which Tom and Nicole were a part of. [1]

The ex-celebrity couple were going through a tough time dealing with Nicole’s miscarriage, so they decided to go for an adoption, and with the help of the authorities from the ‘Church of Scientology,’ they legally adopted Isabella.

She brought happiness into Tom and Nicole’s traumatic relationship.

Nicole formed a strong bond with her daughter and the bond strengthened over the next few years.


When Isabella turned nine years old, Nicole and Tom got a divorce.

The divorce left Isabella unhappy and strained her relationship with her parents.

She severed her ties with Nicole and even stopped calling her ‘Mom.’ Scientology played a major role in causing problems in their relationship.

A few scientologists called Nicole a suppressive person and blamed her for her sour relationship with Tom and her children.


Isabella then developed a closer relationship with her father’s third wife, Katie Holmes. In an interview before his wedding with Katie, Tom thanked his kids, Isabella and Connor, for being supportive and for welcoming Katie into their life. Unfortunately, that relationship too, was short-lived as Isabella moved to Britain right after Tom and Katie ended their marriage in 2012.[1]


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