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Isa Muhammad

Isa Muhammad

Isa Muhammad

Isa Muhammad

Isa Muhammad is a rapper.[5]


Homeless Rapper

Isa Muhammad was once homeless.

He got discovered by Rick Ross while rapping on the streets. Rick Ross signed him to his MMG label and Muhammad soon released his debut mixtape Diabolical Bastard Billionaire Genius.[6]

Retired From Rapping

On January 5, 2017 he sent a message from twitter about his disillusionment on rapping:

This my one and only album, I retire from music.

Not because it ain’t goin how I want.

But because music is forbidden in Islam and because music is not apart of my plan.

Still Isa Muhammad.

Nothing’s changed, I’m just not gone be rapping anymore.

On to the next play.

If someone buys me out of my contract or they drop me from the label than I may continue, I’d need a very large contract like 4.5 million.

I ain’t trippin I accomplished what I sat out to do, which I was make a classic album.

Some of the things I be rapping about prolly are to controversial for Rick Ross & MMG to support, I don’t want to be signed to MMG any more.

They insulted me with how they treated me, given my performance.

Like I said I’m not even thinking about music at all, I’ve moved on.

Seriously I’ve made other plans.


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