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Irene Noren

Irene Noren

Irene Noren is a Spanish Model who has a substantial following on Instagram. She is based in Madrid, Spain. [1]



Noren attended Universidad Europea de Madrid and earned a degree in event organization. [1]


Before modeling, Noren worked as a stewardess and blogged about fashion while living in Valencia. [undefined] She started to model after she moved to Barcelona with her ex-boyfriend in 2014. [undefined] While walking on his street, she was discovered and encouraged to audition modeling. [undefined] The next day she went to the agency and earned the casting. [undefined] She has since grown a large Instagram following and as of November 2017 counts over 259K followers. Noren has been represented by several agencies including BASE Model Management, 5th Avenue Model Management, and Model Talking. [1] One photography she has worked extensively with is Dustin Tan. [undefined] [undefined] [undefined]

Personal Life

Irene describes herself as shy but is empowered to express herself through her modeling.

[undefined] She is fluent in three languages including Spanish and English. [undefined] Irene has an intimate connection with flowers and represents the bond she has with her family. [undefined]


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