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Interstate 80 Emeryville Shooting (2017)

Interstate 80 Emeryville Shooting (2017)

On Wednesday, September 27th of 2017, there was a shooting in Emeryville, California on Interstate 80. [1]


Video of the Shooting

Video of the Shooting

The incident began around 8:40 AM on the 27th of September, 2017.

Police had been in pursuit of the murder suspect for several blocks until they drove onto the highway.

After a long standoff wherein traffic was held up for nearly two hours.


Officers negotiated with the suspect for an extended period of time before the suspect fired a gunshot at the police.

The police responded by unleashing a barrage of at least 20 gunshots at the suspect.

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He was killed on the scene due to the Gunshot wounds. They were traveling westbound on the highway. The police were able to stop the vehicle with car spikes. [3] [2]

Joshua Nederhood, 21, was one of scores of motorists stuck in traffic.

He said it was "exciting" but not "ideal".


The shooting was captured by many bystanders as well as by live television through a helicopter.

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