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Innerchef is an Indian on-demand food delivery company based in Gurgaon ,India.Company provides Food delivery in Gurgaon,Noida and Metro cities in India like Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore and Hyderabad.It is one of the fastest growing food experience companies in India. InnerChef gives its customer the satisfaction of cooking healthy, delicious and fresh western cuisines.[1]


Innerchef was founded in April 2015, by serial entrepreneurs Rajesh Sawhney [5], Sanjeev Singhal and Bal DiGhent.[2] In just 6 month of it's launch,Innerchef raised Rs.11 Cr from its investors.Company used these funds to expand their service to metro cities in India.[3]

In 2016 Innerchef acquired two food truck company Flavours Lab and Breakfast specialist - EatonGo.IT

helped them to grow in Mobile kitchen segment and increased their presence in Bangalore.[4]

In 2019 Company continued its growth and have another raise in funds of 43 Cr in Pre-Series B funding led by multiple investors - Mistletoe, Saha Capital, Das Capital, Brand Capital and M&S Partners.

It will be used to strenthen Innechef brand portfolio.[6]


Innechef have wonderful balance between the cuisines of modern Indian, authentic European, delicious Mediterranean and flavourful Asian, InnerChef is a truly global brand, reaching for the skies while still deeply rooted in India.

Our food is fresh, delicious, good-for-you and delivered right to your doorstep.InnerChef

offers ready-to-eat meals, gourmet experiences, detox cleanses and healthy eats, decadent desserts (Indulge by InnerChef) as well as refreshing drinks.


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