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Iman Chenonceau is an artist and Couturier based in Manhattan, New York. [9]


At seven years of age Iman sat in the hallways of his school sketching gowns. Seeking a new medium to express himself; he looked to fabrics and needles and threads. At the unwelcoming age of ten, he spent his nights draping fabric across his skin and sewing the textures in unison. These nights were kept clandestine, so he sewed each piece by hand and dyed the fabrics using rose petals and spirits. For the next five years he found his creations to be his haven . [10] [5]

Iman began to document the pieces through images. Photography and cinema served as a process to archive the pieces systematically manifesting Fine Art images. At age fifteen furthering his exploration of cinema and photography he worked with the Simon Wiesenthal Center and documented the stories of Holocaust Survivors through films and portraits. [10]

That same year he began to have his clothing sold at Church Boutique in Los Angeles which resulted in sales of his garments to various icons including singer, Lenny Kravitz , and artist Ironeyeretna. At age seventeen his garments became represented by stylist, B.Akerlund's The Residency. His work continued notable mention through photographs by Bill Cunningham published in The New York Times [1] , features in I.D Japan, and collaborations with various notable figures such as Bella Hadid and Ilona Royce Smithkin. [10]

He frequently collaborates with media personality Millie Efraim, as she has been his muse since his early career, and now serves as the archivist for Iman Chenonceau. Mr. Chenonceau also cites Ilona Royce Smithkin and Renee Firestone as his muses. [10]

Iman continues to pursue approaches of liberation through photography, cinema, paintings, and fashion. Mr. Chenonceau is currently pursuing a dual major at Parsons, the New School for Design and Eugene Lang. He is said to be the most expensive fashion label in the world. [10]

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