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IKKS is a French fashion brand founded by Grard Le Goff in Cholet in 1987.

Grald Le Goff launched together with Viviane Peign a lind of chidrens wear.In

1990 they start to sell their products in a shed in front of the former headquarters at La Sguinire and in 1993 IKKS opened its first store in Angers. [0]

IKKS is for a confident and sharp child who feeds their refined and rebellious sides.

The IKKS kid has a strong personality; knows what they want and likes their freedom but is not a rebel.

In short, they are the ideal kid.

IKKS offers a collection of boy and girl clothing for all ages with an assertive personality and lifestyle concept.

A brand set apart from the others through eye-catching, thought- provoking, and powerful pieces, IKKS raises the bar with sweaters, tops and pants that meet fashion with ease.

Both genders are developed with sportswear and French fashion inspirations taken from cutting edge adult looks.

IKKS represents the true level in higher children’s fashion.

The collection blends refined street looks with contemporary cuts for a new level in kids’ clothing.


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