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Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA in the United States [2], ICO Alert maintains the only comprehensive list of Pre-ICOs (also referred to as pre-sales) and ICOs.

As of February 11, 2018, ICO Alert has published hundreds of in-depth ICO Alert Reports, offering insight into past, active, and upcoming ICOs [3]. Additionally, several dozen episodes of the ICO Alert Podcast have been published. The ICO Alert Podcast is a weekly show which hosts exclusive interviews with the biggest founders and thought leaders in the blockchain space. Each hour long episode is full of rich content, challenging questions and exclusive announcements. The ICO Alert Podcast is hosted by Rob Finch, Founder of ICO Alert. [4]


ICO Alert was launched on April 1, 2017, meant initially as a personal tool for brothers Rob Finch and Mike Finch to keep track of ICOs. In the months following launch, ICO Alert quickly gained prominence as the only comprehensive source of ICOs [1] and has grown to more than one million unique users [2].

Initially just a 2 person hobby, ICO Alert has grown to a team of more than 13 full time team members as of May 1, 2018. [2]


On May 1, 2018, ICO Alert announced their partnership with Cypherglass, a Block Producer candidate for the EOS.IO blockchain. [7]

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