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ICD-10: Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission

ICD-10: Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission

Infections with a predominantly sexual mode of transmission (A50-A64)

Excludes1: human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] disease (B20) nonspecific and nongonococcal urethritis (N34.1)

Reiter's disease (M02.3-)

A50 Congenital syphilis

  • 0 Earlycongenitalsyphilis,symptomatic Any congenital syphilitic condition specified as early or manifest less than two years after birth. 01 Early congenital syphilitic oculopathy 02 Early congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy 03 Early congenital syphilitic pharyngitis Early congenital syphilitic laryngitis 04 Early congenital syphilitic pneumonia 05 Early congenital syphilitic rhinitis 06 Early cutaneous congenital syphilis 07 Early mucocutaneous congenital syphilis 08 Early visceral congenital syphilis 09 Other early congenital syphilis, symptomatic

  • 1 Earlycongenitalsyphilis,latent Congenital syphilis without clinical manifestations, with positive serological reaction and negative spinal fluid test, less than two years after birth.

  • 2 Earlycongenitalsyphilis,unspecified Congenital syphilis NOS less than two years after birth.

  • 3 Latecongenitalsyphiliticoculopathy Excludes1: Hutchinson's triad (A50.53) 30 Late congenital syphilitic oculopathy, unspecified 31 Late congenital syphilitic interstitial keratitis 32 Late congenital syphilitic chorioretinitis

A50.39 Other late congenital syphilitic oculopathy

A50.4 Latecongenitalneurosyphilis[juvenileneurosyphilis]

Use additional code to identify any associated mental disorder

Excludes1: Hutchinson's triad (A50.53)

  • 40 Late congenital neurosyphilis, unspecified Juvenile neurosyphilis NOS

  • 41 Late congenital syphilitic meningitis

  • 42 Late congenital syphilitic encephalitis

  • 43 Late congenital syphilitic polyneuropathy

  • 44 Late congenital syphilitic optic nerve atrophy

  • 45 Juvenile general paresis Dementia paralytica juvenilis Juvenile tabetoparetic neurosyphilis

A50.49 Other late congenital neurosyphilis

Juvenile tabes dorsalis

A50.5 Otherlatecongenitalsyphilis,symptomatic

Any congenital syphilitic condition specified as late or manifest two years or more after birth.

  • 51 Clutton's joints

  • 52 Hutchinson's teeth

  • 53 Hutchinson's triad

  • 54 Late congenital cardiovascular syphilis

  • 55 Late congenital syphilitic arthropathy

  • 56 Late congenital syphilitic osteochondropathy

  • 57 Syphilitic saddle nose

A50.59 Other late congenital syphilis, symptomatic

  • 6 Latecongenitalsyphilis,latent Congenital syphilis without clinical manifestations, with positive serological reaction and negative spinal fluid test, two years or more after birth.

  • 7 Latecongenitalsyphilis,unspecified Congenital syphilis NOS two years or more after birth.

A50.9 Congenitalsyphilis,unspecified A51 Early syphilis

  • 0 Primarygenitalsyphilis Syphilitic chancre NOS

  • 1 Primaryanalsyphilis

  • 2 Primarysyphilisofothersites

  • 3 Secondarysyphilisofskinandmucousmembranes 31 Condyloma latum 32 Syphilitic alopecia

A51.39 Other secondary syphilis of skin

Syphilitic leukoderma Syphilitic mucous patch

Excludes1: late syphilitic leukoderma (A52.79) A51.4 Othersecondarysyphilis

  • 41 Secondary syphilitic meningitis

  • 42 Secondary syphilitic female pelvic disease

  • 43 Secondary syphilitic oculopathy Secondary syphilitic chorioretinitis Secondary syphilitic iridocyclitis, iritis Secondary syphilitic uveitis

  • 44 Secondary syphilitic nephritis

  • 45 Secondary syphilitic hepatitis

  • 46 Secondary syphilitic osteopathy

A51.49 Other secondary syphilitic conditions

Secondary syphilitic lymphadenopathy Secondary syphilitic myositis

A51.5 Earlysyphilis,latent

Syphilis (acquired) without clinical manifestations, with positive serological reaction and negative spinal fluid test, less than two years after infection.

A51.9 Earlysyphilis,unspecified A52 Late syphilis

A52.0 Cardiovascularandcerebrovascularsyphilis

  • 00 Cardiovascular syphilis, unspecified

  • 01 Syphilitic aneurysm of aorta

  • 02 Syphilitic aortitis

  • 03 Syphilitic endocarditis Syphilitic aortic valve incompetence or stenosis Syphilitic mitral valve stenosis
Syphilitic pulmonary valve regurgitation

  • 04 Syphilitic cerebral arteritis

  • 05 Other cerebrovascular syphilis Syphilitic cerebral aneurysm (ruptured) (non-ruptured) Syphilitic cerebral thrombosis

  • 06 Other syphilitic heart involvement Syphilitic coronary artery disease Syphilitic myocarditis
Syphilitic pericarditis

A52.09 Other cardiovascular syphilis A52.1 Symptomaticneurosyphilis

  • 10 Symptomatic neurosyphilis, unspecified

  • 11 Tabes dorsalis Locomotor ataxia (progressive) Tabetic neurosyphilis

  • 12 Other cerebrospinal syphilis

  • 13 Late syphilitic meningitis

  • 14 Late syphilitic encephalitis

  • 15 Late syphilitic neuropathy Late syphilitic acoustic neuritis Late syphilitic optic (nerve) atrophy Late syphilitic polyneuropathy
Late syphilitic retrobulbar neuritis

  • 16 Charcôt's arthropathy (tabetic)

  • 17 General paresis Dementia paralytica

A52.19 Other symptomatic neurosyphilis

Syphilitic parkinsonism

  • 2 Asymptomaticneurosyphilis

  • 3 Neurosyphilis,unspecified Gumma (syphilitic) Syphilis (late) Syphiloma

A52.7 Othersymptomaticlatesyphilis

A52.71 Late syphilitic oculopathy

Late syphilitic chorioretinitis Late syphilitic episcleritis

A52.72 Syphilis of lung and bronchus

  • 73 Symptomatic late syphilis of other respiratory organs

  • 74 Syphilis of liver and other viscera Late syphilitic peritonitis

  • 75 Syphilis of kidney and ureter Syphilitic glomerular disease

  • 76 Other genitourinary symptomatic late syphilis Late syphilitic female pelvic inflammatory disease

  • 77 Syphilis of bone and joint

  • 78 Syphilis of other musculoskeletal tissue Late syphilitic bursitis
Syphilis [stage unspecified] of bursa Syphilis [stage unspecified] of muscle Syphilis [stage unspecified] of synovium Syphilis [stage unspecified] of tendon

  • 79 Other symptomatic late syphilis Late syphilitic leukoderma Syphilis of adrenal gland Syphilis of pituitary gland Syphilis of thyroid gland Syphilitic splenomegaly Excludes1: syphilitic leukoderma (secondary) (A51.39)

  • 8 Latesyphilis,latent Syphilis (acquired) without clinical manifestations, with positive serological reaction and negative spinal fluid test, two years or more after infection

  • 9 Latesyphilis,unspecified

A53 Other and unspecified syphilis

A53.0 Latentsyphilis,unspecifiedasearlyorlate

Latent syphilis NOS
Positive serological reaction for syphilis

A53.9 Syphilis,unspecified

Infection due to Treponema pallidum NOS Syphilis (acquired) NOS

Excludes1: syphilis NOS under two years of age (A50.2) A54 Gonococcal infection

A54.0 Gonococcalinfectionoflowergenitourinarytractwithoutperiurethraloraccessoryglandabscess Excludes1: gonococcal infection with genitourinary gland abscess (A54.1)

gonococcal infection with periurethral abscess (A54.1)

  • 00 Gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract, unspecified

  • 01 Gonococcal cystitis and urethritis, unspecified

  • 02 Gonococcal vulvovaginitis, unspecified

  • 03 Gonococcal cervicitis, unspecified

A54.09 Other gonococcal infection of lower genitourinary tract

  • 1 Gonococcalinfectionoflowergenitourinarytractwithperiurethralandaccessoryglandabscess Gonococcal Bartholin's gland abscess

  • 2 Gonococcalpelviperitonitisandothergonococcalgenitourinaryinfection 21 Gonococcal infection of kidney and ureter 22 Gonococcal prostatitis

  • 23 Gonococcal infection of other male genital organs Gonococcal epididymitis Gonococcal orchitis

  • 24 Gonococcal female pelvic inflammatory disease Gonococcal pelviperitonitis Excludes1: gonococcal peritonitis (A54.85)

A54.29 Other gonococcal genitourinary infections A54.3 Gonococcalinfectionofeye

  • 30 Gonococcal infection of eye, unspecified

  • 31 Gonococcal conjunctivitis Ophthalmia neonatorum due to gonococcus

  • 32 Gonococcal iridocyclitis

  • 33 Gonococcal keratitis

A54.39 Other gonococcal eye infection

Gonococcal endophthalmia

A54.4 Gonococcalinfectionofmusculoskeletalsystem

  • 40 Gonococcal infection of musculoskeletal system, unspecified

  • 41 Gonococcal spondylopathy

  • 42 Gonococcal arthritis Excludes2: gonococcal infection of spine (A54.41)

  • 43 Gonococcal osteomyelitis Excludes2: gonococcal infection of spine (A54.41)

A54.49 Gonococcal infection of other musculoskeletal tissue

Gonococcal bursitis Gonococcal myositis Gonococcal synovitis Gonococcal tenosynovitis

  • 5 Gonococcalpharyngitis

  • 6 Gonococcalinfectionofanusandrectum

A54.8 Othergonococcalinfections

  • 81 Gonococcal meningitis

  • 82 Gonococcal brain abscess

  • 83 Gonococcal heart infection Gonococcal endocarditis Gonococcal myocarditis Gonococcal pericarditis

  • 84 Gonococcal pneumonia

  • 85 Gonococcal peritonitis Excludes1: gonococcal pelviperitonitis (A54.24)

  • 86 Gonococcal sepsis

A54.89 Other gonococcal infections

Gonococcal keratoderma Gonococcal lymphadenitis

A54.9 Gonococcalinfection,unspecified A55 Chlamydial lymphogranuloma (venereum)

Climatic or tropical bubo Durand-Nicolas-Favre disease Esthiomene Lymphogranuloma inguinale

A56 Other sexually transmitted chlamydial diseases Includes: sexually transmitted diseases due to Chlamydia


Excludes1: neonatal chlamydial conjunctivitis (P39.1) neonatal chlamydial pneumonia (P23.1)

Excludes2: chlamydial lymphogranuloma (A55) conditions classified to A74.-

A56.0 Chlamydialinfectionoflowergenitourinarytract

  • 00 Chlamydial infection of lower genitourinary tract, unspecified

  • 01 Chlamydial cystitis and urethritis

  • 02 Chlamydial vulvovaginitis

A56.09 Other chlamydial infection of lower genitourinary tract

Chlamydial cervicitis

A56.1 Chlamydialinfectionofpelviperitoneumandothergenitourinaryorgans

A56.11 Chlamydial female pelvic inflammatory disease

A56.19 Other chlamydial genitourinary infection

Chlamydial epididymitis Chlamydial orchitis

  • 2 Chlamydialinfectionofgenitourinarytract,unspecified

  • 3 Chlamydialinfectionofanusandrectum

  • 4 Chlamydialinfectionofpharynx

A56.8 Sexuallytransmittedchlamydialinfectionofothersites

  • A57 Chancroid Ulcus molle

  • A58 Granuloma inguinale Donovanosis

  • A59 Trichomoniasis
Excludes2: intestinal trichomoniasis (A07.8)

A59.0 Urogenitaltrichomoniasis

  • 00 Urogenital trichomoniasis, unspecified Fluor (vaginalis) due to Trichomonas Leukorrhea (vaginalis) due to Trichomonas

  • 01 Trichomonal vulvovaginitis

  • 02 Trichomonal prostatitis

  • 03 Trichomonal cystitis and urethritis

A59.09 Other urogenital trichomoniasis

Trichomonas cervicitis

  • 8 Trichomoniasisofothersites

  • 9 Trichomoniasis,unspecified

A60 Anogenital herpesviral [herpes simplex] infections

A60.0 Herpesviralinfectionofgenitaliaandurogenitaltract

  • 00 Herpesviral infection of urogenital system, unspecified

  • 01 Herpesviral infection of penis

  • 02 Herpesviral infection of other male genital organs

  • 03 Herpesviral cervicitis

  • 04 Herpesviral vulvovaginitis Herpesviral [herpes simplex] ulceration Herpesviral [herpes simplex] vaginitis Herpesviral [herpes simplex] vulvitis

A60.09 Herpesviral infection of other urogenital tract A60.1 Herpesviralinfectionofperianalskinandrectum A60.9 Anogenitalherpesviralinfection,unspecified

A63 Other predominantly sexually transmitted diseases, not elsewhere classified Excludes2: molluscum contagiosum (B08.1)

papilloma of cervix (D26.0)

A63.0 Anogenital(venereal)warts

Anogenital warts due to (human) papillomavirus [HPV] Condyloma acuminatum

A63.8 Otherspecifiedpredominantlysexuallytransmitteddiseases A64 Unspecified sexually transmitted disease


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