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Ian Balina is a Cryptocurrency Investor and Blockchain Enthusiast based in Washington DC ​. [5] ​Balina has been featured in the The Wall Street Journal ​, Forbes ​, Huffington Post ​, The Street ​, Inc Magazine ​ and Entrepreneur Magazine ​. [3]

Early Life and Education

Balina was born in Kampala, Uganda ​ and immigrated to the United States ​ when he was eight-years-old. [3] ​ He is one of four children. In the United States, Balina lived in Maryland ​ and Virginia ​. [3] ​ He would earn a scholarship to attend The George Washington University ​ and attained a BS and MS in Computer Engineering. [5]


Ian Balina speaking at an event

Balina worked at IBM ​ in sales as a Tech Evangelist and in 2015 was a Hundred Percent Club Awardee, being recognized as one of IBM's best 500 employees. [5] ​ He previously worked at Deloitte ​ as a Systems Integration Consultant. [5]

In 2015, Balina founded the "Uber for freelancers" marketplace, Peer Hustle. [5] ​ He previously founded the social dictionary app Leximo. [3]

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Balina left the corporate world to pursue becoming a crypto-influencer. He had been considerable successful in investing in crypto as a side hobby, but started Diary of a Made Man in February 2017 in order to focus on creating financial content full-time. Balina became famous for posting his Blockfolio on his Instagram ​. [7]

Balina is currently an advisor to Pareto Networks, GoNetwork, and Nucleus Vision. [3]

As of April 2018, Balina had over 142k followers on Twitter ​, 117k subscribers on YouTube ​, and 42.5k followers on Instagram ​. [7] [2] [8]


On April 15th, 2018 while Balina was doing a livestream reviewing ICOs, a viewer informed him that his wallet addresses were hacked out of $2 million worth of crypto. Balina continued on with his review, but the live feed went down 14 minutes later. He would continue the review a few hours later, but noticed that he was signed out of his Google Sheets profile. Balina later went on Twitter ​ and wrote in his Telegram ​ group that he had been hacked and asking for help to find the perpretrators. He believes the hackers were able to access his wallets through an old college email account. [6]

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